Meet Aris

Aris Babikian is the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party provincial candidate for Scarborough-Agincourt. An active member of the community, Babikian is a retired citizenship judge, World Vision Canada Multicultural Council ambassador, chair of the Levant Settlement Centre, and board member of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada. As secretary of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council, he collaborated with diverse ethnic and religious communities to enhance the rich multicultural fabric of Canada and advocated solidarity among the Canadian mosaic’s stakeholders.  

Babikian has lectured at public forums on human rights, civic participation, Canadian values, and traditions. He is also the founding member of the Willowdale Legal Aid Services clinic, where thousands of individuals have accessed services that otherwise would have been out of reach to them.

For decades, Babikian has advocated the recognition, commemoration, memorialization, redress, and education of numerous human rights violations, crimes against humanity, and genocides. , He has collaborated with many Canadian organizations, educational institutions, scholars, various levels of government, and victim groups to uphold justice and to bring healing to the victims.

As president of the Armenian National Federation of Canada and the first executive director of the Government Relations Office (Ottawa) of the Armenian National Committee of Canada, his contributions to the community have been remarkable. He has also worked with various youth groups and organizations mentoring young people with Wolf Club and Boy Scouts. He has also coached soccer and been a youth advisor. 

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Canadian civil society, the Canadian government awarded Babikian with the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee Medals. In addition, he was awarded Canada’s 125th Confederation Commemorative Medal. 

Babikian has lived in Scarborough-Agincourt for twenty-eight years. His experience and community participation allow him to become an excellent advocate for the riding at Queen’s Park. His knowledge, experience, and long-time contacts will also allow him to work with colleagues at all levels of government to continue advocating on behalf of the residents of Scarborough-Agincourt.